At Refill-laser we perform refills, maintenance and repairs of CO2 laser tubes with service of REFILLING REPAIRING MAINTENANCE RESTORATION


At Refill-laser we perform refills, maintenance and repairs of CO2 laser tubes.

We offer solutions for CO2 technology systems that are typically used for cutting, marking and coding the main materials and substrates used in the packaging, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics and personalization industries.

Any procedure carried out by our team aims for the best performance and efficiency of the affected systems while putting an emphasis on customer care and agreed upon deadlines. We apply a policy of constant innovation of our structure and receive constant training in order to keep up with how fast technology improves in the sector.

Refill-laser currently offers its services in all 5 continents and we pick up and deliver our customers’ laser equipment whenever necessary including all guarantees and insured shipments.

Refill-laser is the solution provider for your CO2 laser systems

Refilling CO2 resonators

Resonators or laser tubes experience wear and tear and their gas becomes contaminated, which implies a loss of power and, consequently, a drop in productivity and performance.

We perform gas refills for CO2 resonators and improve their sealing system, thus recovering the usual performance of the resonator and its nominal power.

Repairing CO2 systems

Occasionally, the deterioration of the gas in the laser’s inner cavities causes failures in the resonator’s electronic components, which can result in unstable operation or loss of power.

In the process of repairing or restoring electronic boards, we replace the damaged elements and components. We carry out comprehensive repairs that allow the system to operate again at full performance with its original power, always following a sustainable and efficient process which has warranty coverage.

Maintenance for CO2 systems

We have a maintenance program focused on high volume customers depending on the type of production, system stress, types of engraving, cutting to be performed and type of material.

We perform an audit of each system profile in order to establish a maintenance downtime program that allows us to minimize production breaks for our customers.

Restoring CO2 systems

This tends to be the most challenging service, with special difficulties when restoring obsolete machinery, systems severely affected by impacts, humidity, power surges, track burns, etc

Once repaired, calibrated and recharged, the systems are delivered with their original nominal power and include a warranty.

Final diagnosis and supervision

Once the operation has been performed on the system and before its delivery, we start the testing and supervision phase based on the system’s power, stability and response speed to ensure its correct operation.

The delivery comes with all the documentation of the final supervision with graphs of the system’s performance upon finishing the procedure.


Which CO2 resonators do we work with?


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At present, from Refill-laser we are offering our services on 5 continents , making collections and deliveries of our clients’ laser equipment when necessary, with all guarantees and with shipments with insurance coverage.

Since its inception, Refill-laser has focused and made a special effort on:


• Developing a reliable process for refilling lasers which takes them back to their original rated power.


• Ensuring maximum reliability, efficiency and performance in the repair and restoration of systems.


• Obtaining an extensive stock of materials, accessories and components from a large number of brands in order to reduce and ensure the delivery time of systems.


• Developing our own control boards and CPUs to control obsolete equipment or for special cutting, engraving or marking applications.



Once the service is contracted, the cycle of stages begins according to the type of intervention that we have to carry out.

Carrying out a procedure on such a system requires the laser head and the RF source (it can be internal or external depending on the model), as well as the cable connecting between the source and the head, in case of having an external RF power supply.

The customer must fill in the application form and send it by e-mail to the administrative department

The delivery time for refilling operations is 8 working days per unit, except if electronic repairs are necessary (for which the delivery time would be extended between 14 and 20 working days depending on the components to be repaired or replaced). Once the diagnosis of the system’s condition has been carried out, the customer is notified about the updated delivery time.

Shipping costs are not included in the price. The customer must arrange for pick-up once the laser is repaired; in case of arranging shipment, Refill-Laser is not responsible for the condition of the goods upon delivery

Refill-laser recommends an installation led by experienced professional technicians for a correct calibration and adjustment of the system.

The warranty of the operations we perform ranges from 6 months to 1 year depending on the system’s year of manufacture.

The warranty coverage applies to refilling operations as well as to repairs and restorations of any electronic part.

Refill-laser is the solution provider for your CO2 laser systems


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